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1. Product Questions

Q: What is Hey Eliot?

Hey Eliot is a digital assistant Corgi that lives on Slack and connects to your Quickbooks account so you can search and analyze your data easily.

Q: What searches can I do using Hey Eliot?

Hey Eliot is pretty smart, and he's getting smarter everyday as we teach him more and more about what our wonderful customers want out of QuickBooks. Hey Eliot can show you your sales, expenses, receivables and payables and allows you to drill down into the details. The easiest way to get started is to type 'help' to Hey Eliot in Slack and he can show you a dropdown of example queries.

Q: Is this a Beta? What does that mean?

Hey Eliot is pretty new and we are adding features all the time, In these early days, we are testing Hey Eliot with users (like you!) as your valuable insight tells us where the bugs are and what features to add. As we gather your feedback and work out the kinks, Hey Eliot will be out of Beta for general use.

Q: How secure is my data?

Your data is secured through the secure oauth protocol through the Quickbooks API. Hey Eliot does not store any of your personal or accounting data. For full details, please see our privacy policy. We also encourage you to ready about Quickbooks and Slack's information on this subject as well.

Q: Can I set permissions for who sees what in Slack?

Currently you chat directly with Hey Eliot in a private message, so your accounting information is not shared with the team. We are looking to build out tagging Hey Eliot in team conversations so you can bring data into channels, and when that rolls out, we will create robust access and permissions to ensure data isn't shared with people that shouldn't access it.

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2. Company Questions

Q: I'd like to get in contact with you about an article/blog post I'm working on. How do I contact you?

Please contact us at Hey@HeyEliot.com

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3. Integration Questions

Q: Why integrate with QuickBooks?

We spoke to many small business owners about which tools they were using and we kept coming back to QuickBooks over an over again. For small to medium sized businesses, it is the system of record for accounting, employee, payroll and even customer data. We knew we could use AI to make searching and analyzing that data way easier.

Q: Will you be adding support for other systems?

Right now we are focussed on building out the Natural?Language Processing (NLP) capabilities of Hey Eliot within the Quickbooks system. In the future (if I customers want it) we will look at supporting other systems to make Hey Eliot even smarter.

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4. Pricing Questions

Q: Is Hey Eliot free?

For now, yes! We are in Beta at the moment - meaning there are still bugs and quirks in Hey Eliot that we are working through. During this time, he is free for users to use. Once Hey Eliot is no longer in Beta, we will announce pricing.

Q: How much with Hey Eliot be after the Beta finishes?

At this time we are still working through the pricing for Hey Eliot. For now, he's free! We will of course clearly communicate pricing after the beta.

Q: Can I cancel my account plan at any time?

Yes, you can cancel your account at any time by removing Hey Eliot from your Slack account.

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