Simplify Your QuickBooks Reporting With Hey Eliot

Connect these powerful business apps seamlessly to save time and make better decisions.

How Hey Eliot Works With QuickBooks

Connect Hey Eliot To Slack

Click the Add To Slack button and select the Workspace and Channel you want Hey Eliot to connect to. This will be the primary channel for your interaction with Hey Eliot.

Connect QuickBooks

Start chatting with Hey Eliot and you will be prompted to authenticate your QuickBooks credentials. Enter your information and return to Slack.

Start Chatting!

Hey Eliot has now connected Slack to QuickBooks. Type 'help' at any time to learn more about what Hey Eliot can do.

Free Access During Beta

We're only scratching the surface of what Hey Eliot can do - but we want your help to guide us in building features that will help you save time and make better decisions in your business.  As an early beta build of Hey Eliot, please enjoy Hey Eliot for free and share with us feedback on our product at hey@heyeliot.com

Add to Slack

Get Detailed Sales Information in Slack

Quickly get the insights you need into which products and customers are driving revenue. Hey Eliot lets you search QuickBooks Online by a specific time period and breakdown numbers into customer or product to get the info you need.

Search and Analyze Expenses

Dive deep into where your money is going so you can quickly spot ways to save. Breakdown by expense category or by a specific vendor instantly.

Instant Notifications

Get accounting notifications in Slack - a tool that your team already uses everyday. Stay in the know, without needing to login to Quickbooks.