QuickBooks data summarized in Slack

Get critical financial data sent directly to your team

How It Works

Select which summaries you want and when you want to receive them

Eliot summarizes your data from QuickBooks and sends it to Slack

Watch your team make better, more data-driven decisions!

Get QuickBooks data sent directly to your team in Slack

All the important metrics, reports and action items you need, without having to login to QuickBooks.

Share the important results with your team

Get the most recent financial data out of QuickBooks and into Slack, a tool your team already uses everyday.

Easy to understand reporting

No exporting required - just super clear summaries of how your business is doing, and how it can improve.

Free Access During Beta

We're only scratching the surface of what Eliot can do - but we want your help to guide us in building features that will help you save time and make better decisions in your business.  As an early beta build of Eliot, please enjoy Eliot for free and share with us feedback on our product at hey@heyeliot.com