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If you’re new to Eliot, this guide will help you learn more about the Eliot Beta. Or drop us a line if you still have questions.

1. Product Questions

Q: What is Eliot?

Eliot is a digital assistant Corgi that lives on Slack and connects to your Quickbooks account. He fetches data from QuickBooks and delivers it to your team in Slack so they have the financial data they need to make better decisions to grow your business.

Q: What summaries can I do using Eliot?

Eliot can show you your sales, expenses, and overdue receivables and allows you to drill down into the details. We are working on adding notifications, new reports and more. Check out our product roadmap on trello for details.

Q: Is this a Beta? What does that mean?

Eliot is pretty new and we are adding features all the time, In these early days, we are testing Eliot with users (like you!) as your valuable insight tells us where the bugs are and what features to add. As we gather your feedback and work out the kinks, Eliot will be out of Beta for general use.

Q: How secure is my data?

Your data is secured through the secure oauth protocol through the Quickbooks API. Eliot does not store any of your personal or accounting data. For full details, please see our privacy policy. We also encourage you to ready about Quickbooks and Slack's Privacy Policies and Terms of Use as well.

Q: Can I set permissions for who sees what in Slack?

Right now you can select to send your financial data to specific channels within Slack . If you would like this information kept to yourself or to certain individuals on the team, then we suggest you send the data to a private channel.

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2. Company Questions

Q: I'd like to get in contact with you about an article/blog post I'm working on. How do I contact you?

We would love to chat! Please contact us at Hey@HeyEliot.com

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3. Integration Questions

Q: Why integrate with QuickBooks?

We spoke to many small business owners about which tools they were using and we kept coming back to QuickBooks over an over again. For small to medium sized businesses, it is the system of record for accounting, employee, payroll and even customer data. We knew there was so much data that was being stored in QuickBooks that was not easily accessible outside of the accounting department, so we built Eliot as a way to easily retrieve that data and get the whole team using it in Slack.

Q: Will you be adding support for other systems?

Right now we are focussed on building out new features and deepening the integration with QuickBooks as we have barely scratched the surface of what data we can retrieve and analyze. Support for other accounting systems and other cloud based tools is also something we are looking into.

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4. Pricing Questions

Q: Is Eliot free?

For now, yes! We are in Beta at the moment - meaning there are still bugs and quirks in Eliot that we are working through. During this time, he is free for users to use. Once Eliot is no longer in Beta, we will announce pricing.

Q: How much with Eliot be after the Beta finishes?

At this time we are still working through the pricing for Eliot. For now, he's free! We will of course clearly communicate pricing after the beta.

Q: Can I cancel my account plan at any time?

Yes, you can cancel your account at any time by removing Eliot from your Slack account.

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